Injured Worker Toolkit


WorkSource Consultations


D’Aboy Career Horizons actively promotes worker engagement in the employment search process by arranging WorkSource consultations for their clients.  A member of the D’Aboy Career Horizons staff is available to accompany the worker to WorkSource and a resume would be provided to the worker in advance.  The resume lays the groundwork for a successful employment search that starts at WorkSource.


WorkSource consultations focus on the worker’s vocational skills and strengths, address questions and concerns, and develop a solid strategy that will help the worker navigate the employment search process.


WorkSource career centers and affiliates can be found in every county served by D’Aboy Career Horizons.  Consultations will be held at the worker’s local WorkSource.


Contact your Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor for more information.



Community Resources


The following links contain information on community resources, services, and programs available in each of the counties served by D’Aboy Career Horizons. Click the link corresponding to your county of residence for further support.


Clark County:

Cowlitz County:

Grays Harbor County:

King County:

Kitsap County:

Lewis County:

Mason County:

Pierce County:

Thurston County:


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